And now another outstanding decal titled Ecuadorian Air Force series. We traveled to Ecuador in order to get a full research about this surprising Air Force, their planes and goals . Besides, we have the luck to be advise by the mayor historic and modelistic institutions in Ecuador.

Check the result !!!!..

  • IAI Kfir C2 (fae 905). Announced to be the PAF A-37 Dragonfly Killer at 1995 Cenepa War. Full spanish stencils
  • The amazing SEPECAT Jaguar Mk1, includes two different Nose Art, one from Cenepa War. Full spanish stencils
  • The outstanding SA Gazelle, two vertions, the classic lizzard and post-war scheme
  • 4 Different Serials for Ecuadorian TH-57, even some for Ecuadorian Navy !



Full view of decal sheet.

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